Allie Lahnala


Bonn-Aachen International Center for Information Technology

Friedrich-Hirzebruch-Allee 6

53115 Bonn Germany

I am a natural language processing (NLP) researcher focusing on computational social science and conversation dynamics in goal-oriented settings and interpersonal interactions involving particular social intents, such as persuasion and offering support. I work with various domains and contexts, such as online forums for supportive and opinionated interactions, and clinical conversations, in which I investigate stance dynamics and empathetic interactions, and transfer learning to better model social NLP tasks. I am also interested in developing theory-driven empathy research approaches for NLP that consider the complex affective and cognitive processes and social factors that influence empathetic expression and perception.

I am final year (yay!) Ph.D. student advised by Prof. Lucie Flek at the University of Bonn, Germany in the Conversational AI and Social Analytics (CAISA) lab, studying natural language processing (NLP). I began my Ph.D. studies at the University of Michigan with Prof. Rada Mihalcea in the LIT lab.


Feb 20, 2024 We have two papers to appear at LREC-COLING, both presenting two novel and theory-based empathy language resources! (1) Appraisal Framework for Clinical Empathy: A Novel Application to Breaking Bad News Conversations and (2) LeadEmpathy: An Expert Annotated German Dataset of Empathy in Written Leadership Communication lead by Psychology PhD Student Didem Sedefoglu from Uni Kassel. Preprints coming soon!
Feb 11, 2024 I will be giving a short talk on our paper Archetypes and Entropy: Theory-Driven Extraction of Evidence for Suicide Risk at the CLPsych Workshop, EACL 2024 in Malta!
Feb 7, 2024 We will have a system paper for the shared task at the CLPsych workshop at EACL 2024 in March: Archetypes and Entropy: Theory-Driven Extraction of Evidence for Suicide Risk
Dec 1, 2023 Our workshop EmpathiCH: Scrutinizing Empathy-Centric Design Beyond the Individual was accepted and will appear at CHI 2024! See the call for papers here:
Sep 5, 2023 Giving a talk Modeling empathy in NLP for Support-Oriented Interactions at University of Michigan CSE.